I’ve known Melissa for a number of years and I feel as though I can speak with utmost certainty that she and David are a wonderful pair. They complement each other so beautifully and it only takes a few moments with them to see that they are truly best friends. We had so much fun during their shoot which I think came through in the pictures. They were naturals; so relaxed in front of the camera. I ended up with SO MANY shots I loved. I can’t wait to see these two amazing people tie the knot!!


I’m playing with a technique called tilt-shift which uses selective focus to create the impression of a miniature world. The below photos were accomplished through layer masks in Photoshop because I don’t have a couple thousand dollars just laying around to go spend on an actual tilt-shift lens. This effect is pretty intoxicating though I don’t know if I could justify buying the lens when I can do the same thing through Photoshop. Though if I did have the lens, it would be really fun to create a video! There are some amazing videos on YouTube using tilt-shift lenses. It’s worth a look.

I spent Sunday out in a beautiful area of Olathe with this couple who could not have been more at ease with each other or the camera. They were so lost in each other that it was easy to capture the love in their relationship. Getting to spend the day with such happy people sure makes me love what I do that much more!

I was in Dubuque, Iowa earlier this week and had the opportunity to shoot some senior photos. It’s been a while since I have done portraits like these but I think they turned out pretty well. Here are just a few of them.

Summer is officially over with the passing of Labor Day. The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler. I’ll miss the heat but I can’t wait for the gorgeous colors of fall.

Since my last post things have not slowed down. In fact they’ve sped up, hit some detours, blown through some road blocks and are currently sputtering along as I’m running on fumes just trying to keep moving.

March started out with an unexpected trip to a hospital in Texas to be with my mom and bring her home along with a lot of phone calls trying to find someone who will listen and help me. My mom is waiting to see several specialists and a new general doctor all while we’re trying to wade through the bureaucracy of her insurance provider. Needless to say, I have more important things to worry about than the dust gathering on my camera bag.

I am thankful for my wonderfully understanding clients who have been waiting for their photos. I promise I will get them to you. I haven’t forgotten about them and I am working feverishly to get caught up. Here are just a few that have gotten done.

It seems like I can’t find a moment to myself these days. Everything is just moving non-stop and when I do get a moment of peace I don’t necessarily want to spend it in front of the computer because there is a cute little 2 year old on the couch with her daddy watching Robots that I want to be snuggling with.

I am behind on posting photos as well. I am working on finishing up a 9 month photo shoot that I’ll be honest, I haven’t devoted nearly enough time to. Any other time of year and I would have had all the pictures done already. Between Christmas, New Years, my birthday, my sister-in-law’s birthday and Aubrey’s birthday…there has hardly been time to breathe! I do feel like things will slow down a bit now though. At least until April when I have another wedding.

Here are some random pictures for your viewing pleasure while I work on getting more ready to go.

I took family portraits for this adorable family over the weekend just in time for their Christmas cards to go out. I never stop marveling at what a cutie pie their little girl is.

A week ago I met with a wonderful family for some long overdue family pictures. They hadn’t had pictures of their whole family together in years! They were so fun to hang out with and we got some great shots. The weather was perfect and I couldn’t have asked for a prettier setting or more cooperative clients. The kiddos were major hams and SO photogenic!








Kids and a pumpkin patch. What a great combination!






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